Zinc Nacional is an important producer of zinc compounds in the Americas. Founded in 1952, our company is dedicated to the production of zinc oxide and zinc sulfate, as well as recycled cardboard.

Zinc Nacional focuses its activity on a wide range of industrial sectors, responding and providing solutions to their needs. The main applications of Zinc Oxide and Zinc Sulphate are Animal Nutrition, Agriculture, Rubber, Paint, Mining, Ceramics, Lubricants, Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals.

Our location in the metropolitan area of Monterrey and northeast of Mexico, puts us in a favorable position to attend the export markets due to our proximity to the United States and the main sea ports of Mexico..


Recovery and Recycling of Electric Arc Furnace Dust.

Zinc Nacional has the best technology available to recover and recycle waste, particularly Electric Arc Furnace Dust generated by the steel industry (Mini-Mills) and other by-products with zinc content.

These residues are handled in compliance with all the standards and laws established by the corresponding environmental authorities, providing the industry with the best option over any other method of final disposal.

Since the beginning, our company has been part of the National Environmental Audit Program, obtaining the first certificate as a Clean Industry in 1998..

Zinc Nacional is the best option for the recovery and recycling of residues as it eliminates the responsibility acquired by the generator by transforming the residues into final products, useful for people, in benefit of the society.

Monterrey Offices

Metallurgical Plant

  • Manuel M. Ponce y Pedro Galindo, Col. Lomas del Roble, San Nicolás de los Garza, N.L., México C.P.66450
  • Phone: +52 (81) 8376 5730 / +52 (81) 8376 5730
    Fax: (+52 81) 8376 7489 / 8376 7306
  • compras_metalurgica@gpromax.com

Cartoncillo Plant

CDMX, Offices

  • Francisco Pimentel 100, Col. San Rafael, México, D.F. C.P.06470
  • Phone: (+52 55) 5705 7358 / 5705 0203
    Fax: (+52 55) 5705 0199
  • ventas@gpromax.com


  • Zinc Oxide
  • Zinc Sulphate
  • Other products: iron concentrate, salt and lead sulphate
  • Recycling of steel mill dust