Supermastick PR is the most sold putty for installation of lightweight Drywall systems in all of Colombia.

In the year 2006 we started to produce the putty with the brand Supermastick PR, which is offered in different presentations.

Supermastick PR also produces products such as adhesives and paints, recently adding to its family of products two brands of putty: Finish Teck and High Pro.

Bogotá, Colombia Offices

Cartagena, Colombia Offices

  • Mamonal Km 6 Via Cospique - Pescaballos Parquiamerica Mz. F L4 - Cartagena Colombia
  • Phone: (5) 643 7531
Supermastick Supermastick Supermastick Supermastick Supermastick


  • Supermastick PR putty
  • Supermastick PR Stamping Adhesive
  • Finish Teck putty
  • High Pro putty