Grupo Promax


Grupo Promax is a 100% Mexican, private, diversified business group primarily engaged in the production and marketing of construction gypsum, gypsum board, construction materials, as well as zinc derivatives and recycled paper.

  • The largest manufacturer of construction gypsum and industrial gypsum in Mexico.
  • The largest manufacturer of zinc oxide and zinc sulfate in Latin America.
  • The largest manufacturer of gypsum board in Latin America.
  • The largest supplier of lightweight construction systems in Mexico.

Founded in 1917 with the creation of Yesera Monterrey.

Products sold in more than 25 countries.

More than 2,800 employees

16 Production plants

16 Production plants



Our companies can be divided into 2 main categories

Construction materials
Panel Rey
Production of building and remodeling solutions
Distribution of construction materials and tools
Perma Base de America
Cement Joint Production
Yesera Monterrey
Production of wallboard and gypsum for various industries
Specialized full load services
The production of jointing compounds in Colombia
Zinc Compounds
Zinc Nacional
Production of Zinc Derivatives
Production of raw Zinc Oxide in the United States
Production of raw Zinc Oxide in Turkey
Map of locations
  1. Headquarters - México
    • Grupo Promax
    • Yesera Monterrey
    • Zinc Nacional
    • Panel Rey
    • Paperboard Mill
    • Promax Energia
    • Permabase
  2. Yesera Monterrey - México
  3. Panel Rey - México
  4. San Luis Potosí - Néxico
    • Panel Rey
    • Yesera Monterrey
  5. SDR - USA
  6. Supermastick - Colombia
  7. Turkmex - Turquía